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The ONE that does it all!


The ONE that does it all!

In the cleaning business, 99% of our clients ask for one product to do it all! One product? I do have ONE product…LIFT AWAY.

Lift Away is a biodegradable, SABS approved, highly concentrated neutral detergent that cleans everything and anything. You can clean windows, floors, walls, tyre marks on interlocks, tents, dishes, braai roosters, caked-on wooden floors, stains on your husband’s t-shirts, bird poop on your car, grubby hand marks on your walls, melted chocolate on your sofa, red wine on your Persian carpet…you get the idea! All this while saving the environment! You really are a supermom! (Or dad…)

The best part is the dilution!

Window cleaning: 5-10ml per 10 litres of water

General purpose cleaning: 20-50ml per 10 litres of water

Tough dirt cleaning: 100-500ml per 10 litres of water

Imagine how long 5lt will last in your household or business? Cleaning is the one area where we all want to cut costs, but it remains one of the most difficult expenses to control and save on. Let’s examine the cost for a dilution with 10 litres of water:

Lift Away 5lt: N$174.80 including VAT

Window washing (10ml): N$0.35 for 10 litres!

General purpose cleaning (50ml): N$1.75 for 10 litres!

Tough dirt (500ml): N$17.48 for 10 litres!

Now we get to the tough questions. How do you ensure that your employees use the correct dilution? The easiest solution will be to buy a set of cleaning chemical measuring cups. At home I use the following:

10ml – windows

25ml – floors

125ml – tough dirt

Write the cleaning area and the dilution formula on the measuring cup, along with the chemical’s name! It works like a charm!

Lift Away is one of my favourite chemicals to work with. I always have a sample in my car, and it is my ‘magic trick’ that I pull out of my sleeve when I try to impress a new client. Most premises have a dirty mop line that builds up on floor skirtings or around the legs of chairs. (This is always a tell-tale sign that mops are dirty! But dirty mops are a subject for another blog.) If you are into maintenance or cleaning, you will know how hard this is to clean. There is nothing in the shops that work, and most things that you buy from a specialist like me will also not work! Trust me, I’ve tried.

To impress clients, I just spray Lift Away on a dirty mop mark; leave it for 1 minute and then simply wipe it off with a wet cloth. 100% Clean! After all those other products? Scrubbing? Sore back? Tennis elbow? And all you needed was Lift Away!

One of my clients is an events company who, for years, has been using Lift Away to clean couches and tents, etc. One day I received a call from their operations manager. They had removed advertising stickers from one of their vans, and the glue left a terrible mess! Knowing that they have Lift Away, I suggested that they first try Lift Away and get back to me later. Needless to say, Lift Away washed the glue away! I am so excited to try this once I get to remove all the stickers from my daughter’s bedroom door…children are so much fun!

Are there any surfaces that Lift Away can damage? In my opinion, no. From experience I have, however, picked up that if the dilution is too strong, it could dry out wood. Keep that in mind when you are cleaning horribly dirty wooden chair legs, or possibly a wooden floor with years of built-up dirt.

Does Lift Away sound too good to be true?

Maybe, but I will give you my personal assurance that it works.

Do yourself a favour; try Lift Away!


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