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A6 – Your Shower Solution

For a legion of reasons, my husband and I decided to go without a domestic for a while. At first, I was on top of things. Cleaning everything and anything that came into my path! Yes, if my husband or kids sat still for a while, I cleaned them too…Then life started happening! I was tired! Having a full-time job, a husband and two kids, doing all the cleaning and the washing, I started to leave things for ‘next time’.

The first that went out the door was cleaning the shower twice a week! What a conundrum… The first problem that started to arise, was the shower door. It started with water scaling and quickly advanced to soap, shampoo and conditioner build up! In the corners of the shower, something nasty started gathering and all the slits in the door frame had some unidentified, foul looking, gathering of dirt. I do believe the slits were a long-standing problem that the cleaning lady never tried to solve. I was ready to pack up my house and move rather than clean this shower!

For the sake of my reputation as a cleaning expert, my house is usually clean. Don’t judge! Sometimes life just happens…

Luckily, I work for Baywash and had access to the Deluxe A6 Shower, tile, and grout cleaner! A6 contains concentrated cleaning agents, wetting agents and chlorine bleach which are blended to form a thick liquid.

A6 forms part of my standard cleaning products that I use to clean my house. This is my complete Bathroom Cleaning Kit! As it contains chlorine bleach, it disinfects as well as cleans really thoroughly. I use a 250ml/1lt dilution in my spray bottle to clean and disinfect the toilets, wash basin, shower and tub! It even removes that horrible soap scum build-up that gathers around the drain outlet in your washbasin. You know, the cleaning problem you stare at each day while brushing your teeth.

Back to the horrible shower that gave me sleepless nights! I sprayed the A6 solution on every single surface in the shower. The inside and outside of the shower door, the little corners on the inside and outside of the shower door, all around the bottom of the shower and in the corners. I even sprayed the taps, the soap holder, and the showerhead! After spraying, I left the solution to do its work for about 15 min while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom.

I came back armed with a hand brush, a microfiber cloth, and a bucket of water, ready to fix this horrible shower and learn from my mistakes! It took less scrubbing than I anticipated…A few brush strokes and all the caked-on dirt came off! Even the years of build-up in the slits in the shower door became clean after I inserted the side of the cloth and wiped it. It took me 10 min to scrub and wash off the complete shower! Amazing! A6 even descaled the watermarks off the shower tap and head. It left the taps looking like a 5-star hotel!

It must be said, A6 is really an amazing product. If you have a massive problem like I had, or you just want your bathroom looking like a 5-star hotel, A6 is a must in your cleaning kit. I even add it to my floor washing water for a professional finishing touch to my floors. As an added bonus, it cleans and disinfects my mop as well.

A few years back I had a very big hotel as a client that was, at the time, not using my A range for their hotel rooms. This client had a massive problem with black mould in their showers and was at the point of replacing all the grout. Imagine the size of this operation, replacing 150 rooms’ shower grout… Out of desperation, the client gave me the chance to do a demonstration with the A6. For a problem like this, you can use the A6 neat. Apply with a cloth, leave for 5 minutes, use a light scouring pad to get into all the little holes and wash off with a cloth. Of course, it worked like a charm! All the black mould was removed without too much effort, and it did not come back!

You are probably thinking that such an amazing product will cost and arm and a leg. At N$143.75 including VAT for a 5lt, it really is affordable!

I frequently tell my clients that cleaning is easy when you use the right products. Cleaning chemicals must do the work for you! Make sure to ask your rep about our Accommodation Range (A-Range) and make your cleaning life easier!

Written by Marzanne De Jager - Sales Manager in Windhoek


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