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Get the right FIX the first time around!

In Namibia, we are faced with problems arising due to travelling distances, imports via freight and inflation that places additional financial pressure. In order to cope, expansions are skipped, on scheduled maintenance and maintenance agreements of septic tanks, fat traps and chemical toilets, amongst other things!

Alternative options are used by doing it ourselves while asking questions like “where do you go for advice?” and “who can you trust?” Everyone’s product is always better, and so we end up investing the capital to try products in the hope that it might make the situation a bit better. It lasts for a short while with no long-term guarantee or effects, having to resume back to square one after investing time, money and effort and losing faith in the process.

When I started working at Baywash, I worked alongside numerous lodges and took it upon myself to do research on how septic tanks worked, as well as the maintenance thereof. All the experts' opinions said that, “septic tanks work best if left alone with no added chemicals, and that they needed to be pumped and completely emptied at least every 5 years to avoid sludge build-up on the bottom”. I was perplexed by this, “How can I sell my product with confidence if it goes against everything the experts say?”

Soon afterwards, numerous lodges shared complaints about the rising problems on their septic tanks. My research allowed me to ask the right questions, for example; “When last was your tank serviced?” "How old is the system?”. "How many people are currently on the system?”. "Are there regular blockages in the pipelines and do you use a caustic soda to clear it?”. "Are you experiencing smells coming from the drains?” And, more recently; “Were you closed down during the COVID travel ban?"

The answers all pointed to the same problem - tanks were rarely, or never being serviced, fairly old systems were still in place, expansion on certain lodges was done yet no provision for a greater capacity was made on the septic tank systems, lower-lying pipelines were experiencing constant blockages with normal drain cleaner being used, rooms that were standing closed smelt like a drain because the smell swept through all drainage entry points due to skeleton staff being used during the many months of the COVID travel bans.

Prozyme is a mixture of stable bacterial spores that are activated immediately after application. It then adapts to the environment to become the enzyme needed to break down the proteins, fat, starch, toilet paper or anything else present. This is the main reason why it is perfect for septic tanks, chemical toilets, fat traps, slow-moving drains, abattoirs, etc.

One of Namibia’s upmarket Lodges was one of my many success stories out of the multitudes. A bad smell continued to arise from the septic tank into the rooms, without any success from many of the leading products or brands that were available on the market. The old system that they had in place - that they were aware of that needed to expand - was too small for the capacity of people using it. It was a future plan and needed a fixed long term solution immediately. Prozyme was suggested and they started the treatment on a set weekly program. Within 3 weeks they started to notice a change, and within 6 weeks their whole problem was resolved! The maintenance manager was so blown away by the results that it was made part of their weekly maintenance schedule, dosing the septic tank with Prozyme.

A year later the lodge upgraded their septic system and while doing so, asked the company who was doing the expansion to service the old tank while they were there. The tank was opened, inspected, and given a report that stated that it was so clean and healthy that nothing had to be done! The operations manager of the Lodge phoned me immediately to boast about the report that had been issued and confirmed they had never seen anything like it.

The experts think that Prozyme is a game-changing product!

Over the years I have used Prozyme to maintain fat traps, chemical toilets and problematic drains in abattoirs/butcheries, as well as a scope of various other industries, with great success. I recommend it as the top enzyme product on the market, not because I have to sell it, but because I have experienced it work first hand for so many of my clients.

If you're tired of high expenses being spent on fat trap cleaning contracts, that remove none of the smells and still leave pipelines clogged, or you are just tired of paying the astronomical prices for toilet products, or your septic tank is under pressure for whatever reason...give Baywash a call and connect with one of our reps about starting a Prozyme treatment today! It will be one less headache to have to deal with.

Written by Marzanne De Jager (Baywash Chemicals Windhoek)


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