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SUPERDET is a neutral general purpose highly concentrated liquid detergent. SUPERDET contains a blend of surface active agents with powerful penetrating power, so that it easily removes a wide variety of soils. SUPERDET can be used effectively in cold or warm water, and is not effected by hard water. SUPERDET is safe to use on all metals, plastics, painted surfaces, rubber and glazed surfaces. SUPERDET is a very high foaming detergent, and is extremely economical to use. It is recommended for dishwashing, and all hard surface manual cleaning, in all types of industry. SUPERDET holds the SABS 1828 mark, and is safe for use on food contact surfaces.


Recommendations for use:
Add 3 - 20 mls of SUPERDET to 10 litres of water depending on the level and
type of soil.

Superdet 5lt

  • 5 L

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