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PROZYME LIQUID consists of a mixture of bacterial spores, which are immediately activated to multiply once the product is applied. The bacteria produce extracellular enzymes in response to the particular organics present in the environment. The enzymes will break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, grease and toilet tissue into smaller particles. The continued application and hydrolysis of PROZYME LIQUID will maintain a liquefied waste and reduce offensive odours. PROZYME LIQUID can be used for domestic, industrial or agricultural effluent problems.

The addition rate of PROZYME LIQUID varies depending on the severity of the problem and some flexibility in dose rate may be necessary due to local conditions. pH optimum: 5.0-7.5 and temperature tolerance: up to 40°C. Dosing guidelines are recommendations only.

Grease Traps: <500 litres dose at 300ml per day, 500-1000 litres dose at 300-500ml per day and for >1000 litres 500-750ml per day.


Drainlines: Residential and Hotels: For ongoing maintenance dose at 60-120ml/ week. For slow running drains do a 3 day start-up treatment and dose at 60-120ml/ day.


Floor Drains: For start-up treat daily for 3-7 days and for maintenance dose weekly. For both, mix 125ml/L and pour down all drains at closing or during quiet time.

Prozyme Liquid 25lt

  • 25 L

  • 250ml per week

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