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DELUXE BLEACH is a bactericidal liquid non-foaming chlorine-based disinfectant and bleach. DELUXE BLEACH is recommended for use in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, showers, drains and any other place where disinfection is required. DELUXE BLEACH can also be used to bleach white fabric. For use in industrial and institutional industries.

Deluxe Bleach 25Lt

  • Use a 0.6-3.0% (6-30ml per litre of potable water) solution of DELUXE BLEACH depending on the application. Product to be used immediately after dilution. A contact time of 5 minutes is recommended. Use 0.6% under clean conditions. At 0.6%, DELUXE BLEACH has around 200ppm available Chlorine. Use only on clean surfaces in kitchens. The efficacy of the disinfectant could be compromised if surfaces are soiled. The shelf life of diluted
    DELUXE BLEACH is 24 hours. pH of diluted product (0.6-3.0%): ± 10.2.

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