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Introducing CEMSA's latest innovation, the PSU - CEMSA Sanitizing Misting Machine ideal for bulk- sanitization. This Machine is a mobile, electric motor- driven sanitization unit. It is equipped with dual misting lances and 360° misting nozzles. Backpack sprayers and trigger- spray bottles can only get you so far. Therefore, this machine is ideal for larger applications in high- traffic areas such as: •Hotels & Guest Houses •Warehouses •Office Spaces and •Any areas that need sanitisation! This machine will allow for you to sanitize for up to 30 minutes! Meaning, that with 2 operators you can ensure your staff & customer's safety. You can use any powerful disinfectants such as bleach diluted with this machine. Although, we do recommend chemicals such as Steriquat and Superquat. Fill out the contact form below or visit our contact page to make an inquiry about this machine!  





70 bar
  Flow Rate




180 l/h




0.75 kW
 Daily Use




DAILY USE       
1 h

CEMSA Sanitizing Misting Machine - PSU0703

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