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Shop & Carwash

The Baywash Shop is a retail shop where we supply the household consumer with already diluted chemicals as well as cleaning equipment to make cleaning more efficient. We also provide an in-house pest control department where we can advise you on what to use for what pests. What makes us different is you can refill a selected range of the chemicals we stock. Enquire inside to find out more.


The Baywash Carwash is conveniently located in town opposite Spar, where you can have your car washed and you can have a coffee at Abby’s Bistro inside the shop.

The Baywash Shop:

Services at the Carwash:

  • Wash & Go

  • Wash & Dry

  • Inside & Outside

  • Full Valet

  • Valets Seats Only

  • Vacuum Only

  • Underbody

  • Underbody with Oil Treatment

  • Engine Clean

  • Leather Treatment

  • Car Polish

Meet The Team -
The Baywash Shop:

Natascha Esterhuizen - Admin & Sales.jpg

Admin / Sales

Joy Gabriel - Sales.jpg

Joy Gabriel


Anna Mwashindange – Cleaner.jpg

Anna Mwashindange


The Baywash Carwash:

Charné Marais - Car Wash Supervisor

 Charné Marais


Okeri Kavirindu - Floor Assistant.jpg


Floor Assistant

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